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  1. Robert Scribbler ROBERTSCRIBBLER   The purpose of this website according to the blog title bar: "Scribbling for economic, social and environmental justice". I visit this blog almost everyday. If you are the type of person who likes to keep up with what is happening on the ground with climate change, then this blog is for you. My own personal opinion is that it is a minute by minute documentation of climate events with contributions made by different readers, even i myself have made some contributions. This is a very high quality blog in my opinion, and not too many people would be able to stomach what is actually going on with the current severe weather events.
    I am glad though that there is a place a person can go to who is concerned about what is happening with the rapid changes in the earth's weather system - and look at the truth. It's a mess out there in my opinion and most media outlets are not really reporting what is happening worldwide, unless the event is so huge that it is hard to ignore. Also, i want to mention that the group posting on this site have a strong inclination to "demonize" the oil & gas, coal industry (fossil fuels) as the main cause of global warming. But i thought about it and realized that the real problem was too many people using fossil fuels. Actually, Coal, Oil & Gas are good — not bad products, only bad when you have too many people using them and the earth (99% Nitrogen & Oxygen) is not able to absorb & recycle the extra C02 emissions. What you have now is billions of people using these fossil fuel products with no end in sight. A constantly growing population using fossil fuels is destroying the earth in my opinion. I have been banned from his site as well as this man who gave a very good assessment of the renewable energy situation:

    ►Harquebus / February 27, 2016. There is no such thing as clean and green technology. Renewable energy collectors do not return the energy used to manufacture and construct them. Those that claim otherwise do not factor "all" the energy required, education, manufacture and maintenance of infrastructure, maintaining a workforce etc., or use flawed data. The only solution to reducing pollution and preserving the natural environment is population reduction. Unless the overpopulation problem is solved, we ain't gonna make it. Growth, both economic and population, is the cancer that is killing us.◄
  2. Daily Job Cuts DAILY JOB CUTS   I like this website. This is the first one i have seen that focuses on the job situation with actual on the ground reporting. This is similar to the "Gas Buddy" website which relies on consumer reporting to update the nationwide prices of gas. Instead of gasoline prices this specializes in people reporting jobs lost in various places across the country. Billed as "Your source for Daily Job News".

    ►Sample Links . . .

    October 7 , 2012 Mercury Computer Systems Inc - Recently 142 Layoffs, Gradall Industries Inc Ohio - 30, Hudson's Bay Co. ( International ) - 210.

    October 6 , 2012 Peterbilt Motors Co - Layoffs, No Number, APS Healthcare - 133, Ulster County NY - Proposed Budget May = 28 Layoffs, Mobile Association for the Blind AL - Some Layoffs.

    October 5 , 2012 Western Digital Corp. - 77 at Fremont Plant, American Airlines - 450 at Tulsa Maint.& Engin. Center, CCS Medical Tampa Bay Area FL - 82, Louisiana State Uni. Health System - 1,500 Layoffs Possible, Anglo American Platinum - Dismisses 12,000 Workers, Update: Idaho Molybdenum Mine - 100+, Credit Suisse Group NY - Plans Layoffs, Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. in Montvale - 40, Sinful Colors - 117, Mercy Regional Medical Center - 20, Cardinal Health Albuquerque NM - 150, ShoeDazzle - Small Number of Layoffs.◄
  3. World Catastrophe Map Website Sneak Peek WORLD CATASTROPHE MAP   I think this website was intentionally shut down by it's owners for a short while, and now they have resumed publication. Their motto is: "LET THE END TIMES ROLL!".

    ►The CatMap Editorial Board collectively believes that the evolutionary assets of the humammal species are leading to a cataclysmic and accelerating deterioration of the habitat (Earth) and a precipitous population decline related to that deterioration. At one point in time, destruction of our habitat was avoidable and reversible, but now it appears to be unstoppable. The Editorial Board would prefer this not be the case. We would love to have maybe just a few wild tigers and elephants alive in 20 years and even delay the Sixth Great Extinction for a while. We would be thrilled simply to maintain what's left of the astounding and beautiful diversity of flora and fauna on this planet. If we could stop mountains from being leveled, remaining old growth forests from being clear cut and lakes, rivers, and oceans from being used as toilets, that would be super and would most definitely receive the CatMap Editorial Board stamp of Approval. But this is not what's going to happen.◄
  4. The Oil Drum Frontpage THE OIL DRUM   Even though much of the material presented on this site is highly technical and i admit i do not understand what they are talking about many times, still every once in awhile something will be said that i think i understand and i will learn something. Lots of talk about charts and graphs which totally elude me, but not sure it is important. The best writing on the oil drum is of course the most simply explained so that the broadest audience can understand what is being said. That's my opinion of course.

    ►Conventional political, economic, and media institutions have yet to recognize energy's role as a key contributor to society, and its importance as a driver for all of our physical processes and economic transactions. The Oil Drum seeks to facilitate civil, evidence-based discussions about energy and its impacts on the future of humanity, as well as serve as a leading online knowledge-base for energy-related topics. Most people are not aware of society's profound dependency on energy and the On Food Stamps? magnitude of the problems we may face if energy becomes either too expensive or scarce. Politicians and the traditional media have tended to overlook the these issues, out of ignorance or due to conflicts of interest. We seek to fill this information gap, disseminating under-reported facts and analysis and providing an educational forum for those interested and engaged in energy's role in society. This website is a space where energy issues can be debated in a civil manner. Through the encouragement of evidence-based reasoning, logical arguments and thought provoking exchange, we aim to host discussions with a depth and breadth absent from the traditional media or current political discourse. We believe that the issues such as the timing and impacts of energy supply and demand problems can be explored empirically, in an open and honest manner. Our site marries the fast pace of the internet with the time-tested traditions of peer review in hopes of generating insights and questions that other professionals and decision-makers can take to the next level. The nature of energy impacts vary greatly from country to country. We seek to leverage the open nature of the internet to create a global forum for the discussion of energy problems and solutions wherever these may lie. Your participation is welcome—if not necessary—for the improvement of our energy future. The assemblage of facts on a global scale is a powerful tool to advance understanding of what is a major challenge for humanity.◄
  5. Latest Picture of Jim Rogers JIM ROGERS BLOG   The owner of this blog states: Investment Ideas, Video Interviews And Media Appearances - A Tracking Blog About The Legendary Investor. Even though myself personally i cannot use the investment advice given out by Jim Rogers, he still teaches a lot of good principles to
    live by even for a regular person with no money, investment knowledge or know how. And Jim talks a lot about the global situation in regards to many interesting subjects, like agriculture and general world conditions.

    A Sample of the kind of things Jim mentions: ►In America, we've had states go bankrupt, cities, counties. This has happened before. It didn't end America, didn't end the US Dollar. You let entities collapse, go bankrupt. This happens all the time. This happened throughout history. That's all you have to do, let them go bankrupt, let the people who made the bad loans take their losses and start over from a sounder base. But just pushing into the future and letting debt go higher and higher will mean it's going to end very, very badly and then you know, five years from now, you may have a complete collapse of the Euro, the European Union and for that matter, all the Western world. - in Reuters◄
  6. Spaceweather website sneak peek SPACE WEATHER   This famous site which is updated daily by Dr. Tony Phillips does report any and all space events like: The sun's surface activity, cloud iridescence (a cloud phenomenon which i do not remember ever seeing when i was younger), near earth asteroids (which have increased dramatically over the last 10 years, i notice), solar flares and probably a lot more items occurring in the upper atmosphere & outer space are reported on this site. Billed as: "News and information about the Sun-Earth environment." Plus, now a person can receive phone alerts to events happening in space or upper atmosphere, see below.

    ►Spaceweather PHONE is an astronomy alert service from the creators of Sign up for our service — for yourself or as a gift for someone else— and we'll phone you when things are happening in the sky. When auroras appear over your hometown, your phone will ring. When the space station is about to fly over your back yard, your phone will ring. When planets align . . . You get the idea. The voice you hear will be Dr. Tony Phillips telling you what to look for and when. Each phone call comes with a simultaneous email message, so if you miss part of your call or can't remember the details—just check your email for the full story! Spaceweather PHONE is for everyone: Casual sky watchers, serious astronomers, moms, dads, students. Your account can be configured to match your interests and abilities. Spaceweather PHONE is a global service; we can phone every continent including Antarctica.◄
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